Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The exhibit, book and film traveling in 2008

2007 was an amazing year to say the least. My exhibit began it's first year of travels and I sailed through the Northwest Passage and into the history books. So what now? Well, work, lots of it.

The emphasis of 2008 will be my traveling exhibit, "Twenty Years, Twenty Stories." This exhibit is my attempt at a modern-day storytelling project. The exhibit combines journal entries, photography, ipods, and film to weave together 20 years of travel around the planet and what it really means in the end. Working in partnership with the beautiful Pearson Lakes Art Center in Okoboji, Iowa, we opened the exhibit (June 2007) and recently received a grant from the Iowa State Humanities board to travel the exhibit in Iowa for the next two years. I am finishing a companion book due out this spring.

20/20 is also available to travel to galleries, universities, museums, etc, beyond Iowa. With it's adventure travel, human rights, and climate change themes, there is something here for everyone. The climate change issue is the key ending story in the exhibit and the topic which I most enjoy discussing with audiences. Hopefully we will visit at a venue near you!

It has taken well over a year to put together, but the first retrospective exhibit of my 22 years of photography is now complete and finished it's first run at the Pearson Lakes Art Center in Okoboji, Iowa, July, 2007. We had over 400 people there for the opening night and it became the most viewed exhibit ever at the LAC. The interactive exhibit, which includes photography, journal entries, and ipod stories, weaves together a series of adventures, forming a larger storyboard of life, travels, and challenging issues. Look for the exhibit traveling around Iowa through 2008-2009. Schedules will be available through the Lakes Art Center. Use the link on the website. Thanks to everyone who has helped with this amazing project.