Monday, December 30, 2013

New Exhibit Opening Jan 23 at the University of Iowa

Welcome to 2014! I am opening my new exhibit at the University of Iowa's Old Capitol Museum of Natural History on Thursday night, January 23, 5-7 pm. It is titled:
The Northwest Passage and Oceans Beyond: 
An Iowan Sails Into History
It is a perfect venue (below) and should be a wonderful time in the greater Iowa City community.
The Old Capitol Museum has been doing a series on Arctic history and exploration including many University of Iowa connections. I am proud to be part of the series. My exhibit will include many of the elements from the One Island One Ocean exhibit combined with the two other voyages to the Arctic and the Northwest Passage in 1994 and 2007. We will have ipads featuring my blog through the passage in 2007 with images from the time as featured in the Wall Street Journal. 

I will also be speaking in Iowa City at many schools and venues during late April. If you are interested in scheduling an event, please contact me at the email below:

Thanks to the many people in Iowa City who have been coordinating events, especially Shalla Ashworth, Director of Operations and dear friend Barbara Nicknish who has been helping with private sponsorships for the exhibit acquisition.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Humanities Iowa Speaking and Traveling Exhibit

My speaking engagements have been going great and whether at the Vail Symposium or my involvement traveling around Iowa through the Humanities Iowa speaking program (part of the National Endowment for the Humanities), I am really enjoying getting out and telling my story of being a witness to great change on this planet.

I also have my "One Island One Ocean" exhibit that is available for showing for anyone interested. This is an interactive exhibit about our 28,000 mile sailing voyage around the N/S American continents. Photographs, video and story-telling.  Next booked exhibit begins January 2014 at the University of Iowa as part of a larger Arctic exploration exhibit at the university galleries.

Summer is fast approaching and it will be very busy at my gallery and studio but please keep me in mind if you are interested in a keynote speaker for your group, large or small. I am currently speaking about the "new" Northwest Passage, you know, the ice-free one that small boats are zipping through every summer now. I tell the history of the exploration of the passage and of my three attempts to transit this infamous body of pack ice and water.

It is a crazy time we live in. There are many climate change "deniers" out there even though we have now hit 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere and lost half of the north polar ice cap in the past 35 years. There are 7 billion people on the planet, with 5 billion of those living within 100 miles of the ocean putting tremendous stress on our water resources of all types and threatening more disasters with this concentration of life so close to the waters edge.

We'll explore our world through my adventures on these edges of civilization. Please book me for an event soon. Thanks, David

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Book Project in the Works

One Island One Ocean has been an amazing project but now a little more than one year out, the project is ramping down. I am in the process of beginning a new and interactive e-book project that will involve my 20 years of polar sailing and exploring the planet, early years, 10,000 miles bike journey, videos, stills and story-telling in a 21st century presentation. This will be a major challenge but before I begin the "what's next" phase of my adventures, it is time to compile some of my best work over the years. Oh boy, here we go...