Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New exhibit at Algona, IA

I am excited to announce a new exhibit that I have unveiled in Algona, Iowa (yes my home town). The exhibit was funded through a grant from the Stinson Prairie Arts Council. This interactive exhibit represents the story of the 2009-10 voyage of the 64-foot sailing vessel, Ocean Watch, on her 28,000 mile expedition to circumnavigate the N/S American continents.

The exhibit features 24 large format images with 15-30x40 inch informational "magazine" panels which tell the story of adventure, science and education with ocean and sea awareness as the key features.

The exhibit also includes examples of plastics use and disposal including a continuous string of 220 plastic bottles which represent one person's yearly use. Also included is a plastic shopping bag exhibit used to illustrate the effects of these bags being disposed of in the seas and oceans.

The exhibit finishes its run in Algona on Jan. 21st and will come back to Okoboji. We are working on booking at the Pearson Lakes Art Center this summer along with speaking engagements. The exhibit is available for traveling. Please contact Blue Water Studios for details.

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